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Newton and Vectors ニュートンとベクトル

Vector ベクトル

Newtonian mechanics ニュートン力学

Continuous Time and Discrete Time 連続した時間とバラバラな時間

Distance 距離

Various distances さまざまな距離

Visualizing Distances 距離を視覚化する

Signed distance functions 符号付き距離関数

Wave 波

Direction of the waves 波の向き

Vibration and Propagation 振動と伝搬

Sine waves and Additive Synthesis サイン波と加算合成

Pitch and Frequency 音高と周波数

Light 光

What is light? 光とは何か

Reflection and Refraction 反射と屈折

Illuminating objects 物体を照らす

Light and 2D Graphics 光と2Dグラフィックス

Colors and Numbers 色と数値

Spectrum and Cones スペクトルと錐体

CIE Color spaces CIE色空間

Various Color Models 様々なカラーモデル

Computing Colors 色を計算する

Image Processing 画像処理

Color Processing カラープロセッシング

Convolution コンボリューション

Deformation and Feedback 変形とフィードバック

2D Feedback Systems 2次元フィードバックシステム

Reaction-diffusion model 反応拡散モデル

Fluid Simulation 流体シミュレーション

Calculus for Makers 作るための微積分

Summation 総和

Differentiation 微分

Integration 積分

Diffusion 拡散

Geometric Drawings 幾何学ドローイング

Fourier Series フーリエ級数

Taming Randomness ランダムさを手なづける

Rotation and Trigonometry - 回転と三角関数

Interpolation and Animation 補完とアニメーション

Vector operations ベクトルの操作

Detecting Collision 衝突判定

Numbers and Intervals 数と音程

Mixing Colors 色を混ぜる

This is a collection of samples and other materials related to physics and math for code-based works and animation. It is called “quasi” physics because the goal is not to understand the world or solve problems properly, but rather to create something interesting, regardless of its accuracy.

These articles are intended as seeds, and are relatively superficial for that reason. However, I’m open to providing more detailed explanations or translations of references for Japanese readers. Just let me know.

コードを使った作品やアニメーション制作の参考用に物理や数学関連サンプルなどをまとめたもの。 世の中を正しく理解したり、問題を解決したりすることが目的ではなく、正確さにはあまり構わず面白そうなものをスケッチすることが目的なので、「quasi=擬似」物理学と呼んでいます。


Many of the contents are from Sketching with Math and Quasi Physics (2019), and the explanations have been expanded based on the notes of what I spoke at the time. I will be porting more from the old site and adding new pages little by little. Most of them were originally in English, but some were in Japanese first. The translations were done with the help of DeepL in both directions.

中身の多くは Sketching with Math and Quasi Physics (2019)をもとに、解説のは当時喋った内容のメモをもとに膨らませした。少しずつコンテンツを移植したり、新しく書き足していったりしようと思っています。主に英語がオリジナルですが、日本語が先のものもあります。翻訳はどちら向きにもDeepLの手助けを借りました。

I used p5.js for most of the code samples, unless otherwise noted. However, I tried to write them in a way that can be applied to any environment as much as possible. Most of the examples are quite old, so the quality is not guaranteed 😁.


I am not a mathematician or computer engineer. This is simply a compilation of ideas that I have found useful from the perspective of a visually oriented person. If you notice any mistakes, have better examples, or know of links that would aid in learning, please share them with me. In this context, I am less interested in show-off demos, so please refrain from providing tweet-length shaders or similar content.



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