CI/CD are concepts or practices of software engineering.

CI/CD is an umbrella term covering several DevOps phases. CI (continuous integration) is the practice of integrating code changes into a repo several times a day. CD has two meanings: Continuous delivery automates code integrations, while continuous deployment auto-releases final builds to end-users. CI/CD’s frequent testing reduces code errors and defects, making it crucial to every DevOps workflow.

CI/CD 是一个涵盖多个 DevOps 阶段的总称。CI(持续集成)是每天多次将代码更改集成到代码仓库中的做法。CD 有两个含义:Continuous Delivery(持续交付)自动化代码集成,而 Continuous Deployment(持续部署)自动向终端用户发布最终构建。 CI/CD 的频繁测试减少了代码错误和缺陷,使其对每个 DevOps 工作流程都至关重要。